i’m still trying to figure this thing out. too many bells and whistles but not as much as an slr. i photographed a few of the sweaters since i plan on posting them very soon(taking way to long to do so).
hitomu was also looking rather sad this afternoon. sometimes he’s content looking, worried or in thought. i’m not quite sure why this is. this particular evening i felt like i need to play with him for a bit. it’s been a few days since i’ve picked any of the boys up so tonight hito got all the attention.
btw, the mr was right about more lighting.

doll brain fart:
so i’m pretty content with my doll want list but lately a few dolls have popped up and caught my attention. of course the new dollshi body has caught me but i think i’m going to wait and see what other face plates are being released before i scream i need one.
and for some strange reason the recent release of the volks tohya has caught my eye. i was never fond of this sculpt in the past but for some reason (maybe face up? maybe the sleepy eye thing got to me?) i love this one. i’ve also been seeing him on the various jp doll blogs i visit regularly. most have been given face ups by the owners, making him lovelier. oh well, no plans yet. plus i’m not sure if i’m patient enough to seek him out just yet (though, there is an insane amount of lovely dolls up for grabs on the doa marketplace right now. i bet there is at least two saying “take me home”).