So cruising through Amazon japan (because, you know, I was in need to spend more money) I discovered that after my four year search, a specific book was back in stock. It was because of this that I decided to throw another book into the cart because 1. it was in stock for once and 2. again I needed to spend money.
I’ve been talking about making my own doll now for a couple of years and even started a few, mainly heads. I’ve been eying up Yoshida Style: Ball Jointed Doll Making Guide for a while. It was never in stock when I was looking for it and when I did find it, it was listed on ebay for an insane price and crazy shipping. I’m so glad I finally decided to buy it. It’s a lot thicker then i had originally thought and it is so full of amazing info. Even though my Japanese stinks I can pretty much understand what is being taught. It has everything from making the doll itself, eyes and even shoes (this was a very pleasant surprise because I want to eventually try making my own). It’s just a fantastic book and very inspiring.

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