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The Mr.and I had a lovely time at the Baltidoll meet this afternoon. I got to spend some awesome time with some very creative collectors. There wasn’t a person there who wasn’t working on some kind of project be it either for themselves or their dolls. Great conversation. Lauren gave me a kickass handmade Katamari bracelet and two beaded doll size bracelet (which I want to keep for myself as rings but Mizuko is fighting for at the moment). We also traded some interesting items. I brought my thorns while she had her rat bones. Seriously, what an awesome find. I’m going to make some jewelery with the ones she gave me as well as see if I can cast a few pieces (one being a complete lower jaw that she managed to get). I’m going to experiment at first with a thicker bone before going on to the delicate jaw. Cross fingers that it works.

The next meet should be the DC Sakura Matsuri next month, followed by another sunday meet at Koba. I finally found my DC meet map last night (no joke, it took me all week to find and it was in a place I should have checked first… too obvious). I was going to start the thread this evening but my brain is mush for the day. Luckily I’m off all day tomorrow.

Before I go here is a picture of Piere that I took yesterday afternoon(the Japanese spelling of Pierre… don’t know why he was named this. Yoshi insisted… I think he feels it makes him sound more sophisticated).

Piere is a blue guinea pig and a gift from Kotori (wcdragon aka captainschlumpy). Kotori’s rule is to always give a gift when you meet a new Yo sized friend for the first time. What a lovely thoughtful boy. Piere was handfelted by Jennifer and so cute. It’s hard to see in this photo but she even left a tuft of hair on his head. Yoshi-kun’s little group of friends isn’t so little anymore. Between the teddies, Piere, Usagi-chan and a little bunny that will be coming soon Yoshi can never say that he’s lonely.

Just in case some of the local collectors missed the thread update a few weeks back (it’s been pretty quiet over there) there is a meet this Sunday at Koba from 1-5. I’m not sure who I’m bringing yet.


I’m a bit beat. The turn out was fantastic. I would have to say that this would be the largest so far. I happily saw some familiar faces, as well as some new ones. Loads of new dollies as well.

I’ve been busy going through my photos this evening and I’m not even half way through. There were just too many dolls to count. The photo above was just a sampling of what was there. We had another table covered and not counting a few in a window and couple more being walked around by their keepers. We took over the second floor of the cafe. Adam had no problems with us doing so and as always, was very glad to have us. Fantastic day, but a bit over whelming. Wouldn’t you say Alyce?

…Oh dear. I think she’s fainted.

This year holiday party will be at Koba again this year. All are welcome and it should be fun.

Koba Cafe
644 E Fort Ave
Baltimore, MD 21230


As plans become final I’ll be sure to post them.


I missed a post last night because I was up late watching a hilarious Japanese program. It had me rolling. That on top of being very sleepy to begin with, I didn’t trust myself to make sense of anything other then sleep. So no post.

I’m still exhausted but this afternoon we met up with the Baltidoll ladies for our november meet. The photo above was taken by the mr using my camera. I really hate the thing. it would not focus no matter what. The room we were in was a little dim but nothing considered low light conditions. Anyway I did take quite a few so I’ll try to go through them this week and post them. I still have nekocon photos to go through as well.

Anyway good times were had today. Now I’m going to bed… still much later then I wanted to. Oh well.