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I don’t know why I thought this was so humorous. It started out as something like me being product and turned into something else entirely. Yesterday Miss Seijikat asked if I could do a Volks skin tone comparison and I figured I would drag my two School boys, Daisuke and Akihiro out from their thrones to use as my example (Dai-kun being NS and Aki being WS). It cracks me up how different these boys look despite the fact that they are the same exact sculpt just one having his eyes modded (reason 248 on why I love this hobby). Lazily I just scrunched up Aki’s sweater and removed the arms from the sleeves and Daisuke is doing one of those one sleeve kimono deals as if he was a yakuza grabbing a deck of hanafuda to do a little gambling. Got my shots and did some terrible editing. Then walked away leaving the boys in this position, facing the back of the couch.

I was totally thinking about this guy today and felt the need to post a photo (an old one at that). I really should take some new ones. Maybe this weekend with Yoshi since I feel they don’t like each other very much and it would be funny to see them together(?). I honestly don’t take the photos I used to take. I never seem to have the time. I may have to cut out a few conventions over the next year. No time for personal projects. I’m thinking that a certain secret web project with a certain awesome creative gal, who has agreed to do it with me (more like put up with me, hahaha) will get my butt in motion and force me to actually schedule some time to play dollies (very, very excited^_^).

So seeing Aki reminds me that thanks to a recommendation by Miss Seijikat, an amazing artist has agreed to close the eyes on my NS School A^o^. Again, very excited. I really did not think I would find someone so soon and thought that eventually I would have to attempt it myself (have the supplies but not the nerve). There is a bit of time before I send him out, which is a good (not prepared). I need the time to clean him up from the workshop I took at Dolpa and figure out details for his face up since I’ll be getting that as well. I have no plans for him at all so there is a bit of room for freedom.

Totally random and not doll related (maybe TMI, don’t know). My mom took her monthly day trip up to Philly today with Miss P. Just the mention of Philly has me totally hankerin’ for fried cheese grits from Sabrina’s Cafe (no words on how good they are). Cait is coming into town for a week this month (July that is) and she wants to take a day trip. I will be feeding that craving. Rambling again. Sending out an email then going to bed… tomorrow is Friday. That is a nice thought to end the post with.

Now, I’m not an Apple fan myself, but who is to say that Aki isn’t? I think when it comes to electronics he would be the trendy sort. LiLu on Etsy has been a shop I’ve been keeping my eye on for a while. So many cute little electronic props for the tiny little guys(iphones, laptops and wall clocks). When I saw that they were now making their version of the iphone in 1/3 scale I knew that Aki had to have one. When it came this week it came in it’s own little box (foam and all). It’s so detailed. I think Aki is going to either need a leather case or a knitted one so that he keeps his new phone scratch free.

deep v in plum

So I think I finally found a color for Aki. The color is called blackcurrant and it’s a deep dark plum. Finally. When I was at Neko Muffin asked if I had ever tried making a deeper cut v-neck. When I first went into making the v-neck style I did have a deep v-neck in mind. Because, you know, I love me some v-necks and the deeper the better (I think I have this slight fondness for the neck, collar bone and shoulder area, if you can’t tell by now. Pilates you scarred me for life). The first attempt was a total failure. So I went back and shortened it a bit. After the con when this particular yarn came in I thought I would give it a go. I had a better understanding this time around and I think it worked out. It’s hard to tell in the photo (this yarn is also extra fuzzy and my photo skills are… crap) but the collar really hugs his chest and shoulders. More so than the shorter “v”. I’m happy and Aki has his sweater. This one isn’t completely finished (the ends need to be woven in) but when it is I’ll take proper photos.

Uh I kind of said in my last post that the next few would be Aki-centric. Here is a little Hito and Aki to mix it up a bit

I wanted to give these photos a little bit of a vintage feel… or whatever you call it-_-,. The two together crack me up though. Hito looks a bit irritated in the first photo. I could have been taking too long to take the photo or Aki said something offensive.

Just making a quick doll post before going to bed. If you want to know the finer details of the con this year you may want to check out my amubleu blog posts through out this week.

This was what Aki was wearing for most of the con. All but the pants and the shoes were made my me and for the most part were finished before the con began. The belt still needs a bit of stitching and for those who want to know, the pants are Sadol jeans. The shirt was the only item on him that was for sale at this con. They were a new design for my table and was my first little experiment with bleach. I’m so happy with how they turned out (despite the fact that for a brief moment of bleaching them, I thought they were ruined… they took so long to sew;_;). They went over really well and I only have a couple left over from the con. I also got some fantastic feedback as well as suggestions on trying the same process on the knitted items I make. So I will be doing more with bleach in the future.

The left over shirts will be going up on etsy this week but I figured that I would throw it out to some of my friends that if you want one just leave me a message on lj. I only have two left. They are each $20 plus a few dollars for shipping (I can get an exact cost for you). ON HOLD

If you want to see details of the belt as well as the tail that Aki wore you can check everything out with the link below:


…pardon my little PS frou frou’ing aka: pretending to know what I’m doing(not).

I’m still alive and well. Took a vacation of sorts (I really hate summer). Just to keep everyone up to date, I added two new boys to the group of boys (see above). Now there is nine (though reading the blog you would think I only had two to start off O_o). Dolpa was fantastic (I have photos I swear). Otakon was a blast but seriously wiped me out. I’m getting the hint that as I get older I need more sleep to function. In between it all were some fun meets.



Akihiro, almost complete. He needs new eyes and a last name (this is always the hardest part for me and usually will take a month or so for me to decide). He’s a WS School A and just so lovely. He was my little weekend project. If I say that Daniel Falls was incredibly thoughtful in making sure I had this boy in time to prepare for Dolpa, it would be an understatement. I honestly can not thank him enough. I’m very excited to be taking him with me next weekend.

He was a bit intimidating at first. Like the Schulze, all the things I had set aside for him didn’t work… mainly for the fact that the rest of my boys have smaller sd sized heads and wear smaller eyes. All of my wigs are sized for Tak and Hito who both wear 8-9. Luckily, I had this lovely 4D fur wig that I completely forgot about that was just too big for everyone else but was prefect for him (the bonus is that it’s short and black… which is exactly what I wanted for him<3). I was also worried about the pale pale skin tone. My face ups are very light. Hito’s face up is as dramatic as I’ll go. I was afraid that Aki would be too washed out. But after both the face up and the body blushing I’m quite happy with the way he turned out. I’ve also discovered that he is much more suited to wear warm tones, maybe (I’m still thinking about this one). I had made a sweater in the slate color mohair for but I’m afraid it may make him too washed out. This older chocolate number I had on hand works beautifully with his resin<3 I still have a bit to do this week before Dolpa. Pants to make, a hat to finish and a few commissions to round up. I also need to make a final list of places to go and eat (I really want to find a good ramen restaurant while we’re there). But on the top of the list is to make sure I get plenty of rest. I really don’t want to be a stumbling fool while I’m in New York. So on that note I’m going to bed;3