Starting this week I’m going to try and post a doll photo every monday. I can post on other days as well but monday is a must… I hope at least.

I can not wait for Hito’s eyes to come in from Mystic (I’m not happy with the eyes he’s currently using). The GO leader for the order said that the package was sent back due to the fact that her phone number wasn’t on the package lableO_o. I’m thinking they should be here this week or next. It’s been several months since the order was sent in.

Trying to figure out what little goodies to give out with commission. I love getting little gifts when I buy handmade goodies. I know I’m not the only (besides I am such a theme and package whore… it’s true and I’m not ashamed to admit it). I’ve decided on going with these little acorns that I’ve been hand turning at the shop. They are obviously too large to be worn by dolls but it’s a nice charm for the doll owners.

This week’s projects:
puki hat info (this has been the hardest thing ever to put together)
yo sized Totoro hat
Vamps t’s
katsu sweaters
puki and dollshi sized sweater patterns

Most likely way too much for one person to do but I honestly don’t have a lot of time left for the con.