Dragged a few of the boys out to have them model a few sweaters for an etsy order that I hope to make this week (waiting for the photos at the moment). I was shocked to see how many sweaters I had actually knitted for Ota. For some reason I wasn’t really keep track and just kept knitting along. I was in a bit of a panic when chaos was going on until I saw the pile of sweaters I need to finish and tag… then it just got overwhelming. Sold quite a few thankfully but there are some left over from the show. Again, Daisuke in pants cracks me up and Hito in that striped sweater<3. That boy is the biggest problem when it comes to me letting those sweaters go. Pfffff... he has too many.

Something I totally forgot about… In the few years I’ve been open for commission I think this was the first time that matching large and small sweaters were requested. Sooooo cute!!!! Though Aki and Tsuyoshi would both rather jump off a cliff than wear matching sweaters.
Aki: Get off my shoulders, brat!
Tsuyoshi: Your fat shoulders are in the way you old Ushi!!
>.< So mean to each other!!! and lastly:

I think I posted this everywhere but here. Yoshi wearing one of Kuma caps I made for Ota. I just want to nom those cheeks of his. It’s moments like this that remind me why I love this sculpt so much and why I even broke my “no Yo’s!” rule.

I’m thinking of putting together a preorder for the hats. They were so fun to make and sold out at the show. So keep an eye out for an update. I may do one for the Totoro caps as well. I just have to work out the patterns for both… meaning that I have to actually make one and not knit off the fly…

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