I don’t know why I thought this was so humorous. It started out as something like me being product and turned into something else entirely. Yesterday Miss Seijikat asked if I could do a Volks skin tone comparison and I figured I would drag my two School boys, Daisuke and Akihiro out from their thrones to use as my example (Dai-kun being NS and Aki being WS). It cracks me up how different these boys look despite the fact that they are the same exact sculpt just one having his eyes modded (reason 248 on why I love this hobby). Lazily I just scrunched up Aki’s sweater and removed the arms from the sleeves and Daisuke is doing one of those one sleeve kimono deals as if he was a yakuza grabbing a deck of hanafuda to do a little gambling. Got my shots and did some terrible editing. Then walked away leaving the boys in this position, facing the back of the couch.

Get distracted and an hour later I look to my right:

Aki seems to be talking away and Daisuke is very “I can almost see where you’re coming from 〠_〠”. That expression is hilarious and appropriate.

The Mr comes home a few hours later sees the dolls standing on the sofa and makes a comment about Aki wearing his shoes while standing on the couch…ಠ_ಠ
I slowly redress the boys… got as far as Aki only to get distracted again. Turning to my right I then see this:

…Daisuke looks confused and Aki looks to be saying “jokes on him( ՞ਊ ՞)” I should have drawn a mustache on Daisuke.
After a good laugh I put the boys together and back in their respected thrones. Properly tagging this entry “things only amu find hilarious”.

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