what a cutie

yes, i don’t know how but i managed to get him to stand on his own with one leg bent.

the mr and i took a little walk over to the park early yesterday morning to see if we could get some good doll photos in. the ones i managed to get were really cute but there really wasn’t much to take photos of. as the mr said “there are only so many ‘dolls in tree hole’ pictures you can take”.
btw, this is the most “boy” like mizuko has ever look. if that makes sense. i had him wear shou’s maroon henley shirt for the first time. usually the boy is pasteled out like crazy which usually makes his blushed out face stand out (doesn’t help matters at all in most cases). he was really cute in these photos.

btw, hyde has a new wig. happy days!
if you want to check out some more, i posted the rest on doa… they are a bit boring though.

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