Little Robin and her incredibly sweet owner stopped by my table on friday. She is wearing her new scoop neck sweater in Vermillion and looking wonderful. She took some time out of her busy convention schedule to talk to the Haru and Yoshi. Though honestly, I think Haru did most of the talking…. he always does.

So Otakon was this past weekend and what a wonderful time we had. I need to give a big thank you to everyone who stopped by my table. I saw so many familiar faces and met quite a few new ones. It was so great talking with everyone and even having a few rare moments hanging out with friends I rarely see. I think by sunday my voice was almost completely gone.

More behind the cut.
A big thanks also needs to be given to the AA staff this year. They were incredibly kind to me this year and not only did things run smoothly but they placed me in a wonderful spot surrounded by amazing artist. My table neighbor was Bishonen House (Donn and Dreux) who by far was one of the nicest neighbors anyone could ever have. I was a bit in awe (understatement)when I first saw that I was being placed right next to them. I remember first seeing their amazing dolls, clothing and display when I was just a con-goer so many years ago. Anyone one who was lucky enough to stop by and talk to Donn about Steve, who spent the weekend posing on his table, would have been absolutely amazed by all that was put into making him and his several facial expressions. A combination of incredible sculpting and casting skills along with modern technology (Brilliance I tell you, Brilliance!!!!). Donn and Dreux were seriously sweet and gave us t-shirt with the Bishonen House and Egg Angel logos on them. How awesome is that? I will be wearing them often. By the way, here is an extra link for my tumblr friends who may want to keep up with Donn and his incredible projects.

Not only was I places next to Bishonen House but Demi (Demi Designs) and Rachel (Tasty Brain Creations) were behind us as well. So if you walked by our section clearly you would have seen the corner of awesome. What also was a great help was the fact that when I wasn’t looking down at what ever I was working on, eyeing up Steve next door or talking to friendly faces, Coey and Shy’s table was right across from us with all of their beautiful art on display. So I have to say that this year’s decor was pretty fantastic if you ask me.

I honestly can go on about this weekend… and I will with in the next few days. I’m a bit beat and have to mentally and physically prepare myself for work tomorrow. So in the mean time here is a photo of Tsuyoshi in the new Kuma-kun hats I had for Ota this year.

He is such a teddy with that hat and those cheeks of his. He’s keeping the hat by the way:3

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