I am far from a pro photographer… as you can see. But I was having some silly fun with some new phone apps this evening. I took the photo using TtV Camera then adjusted it using filters from PixIromatic. I later went back and touched it up one last time with Instagram (the results of that last touch up… Too much?). Just having fun. I wanted to see what type of vintage photos I could create using the camera phone. I think the style of this one may be a bit too early but I’m going to mess around some more with the millions of filter combos available between the several apps.

Still having fun with Mr Head. It has been a while since I’ve played with my boys that didn’t really just consist of me throwing clothes on them just to take photos for the shop. Even though Mr Head seems to be getting most of the attention I’ve been playing with at least a few of them and I’m having a great time. I’ve even been taking time on Doa to look for eyes and clothing as well… even if it’s been to “window shop”. Something I’ve missed doing for some time now time.

By the way, this Mr above is wearing a Yukata again made by level_devil. I seriously love this piece. It’s Hito’s which he’s worn a few times. I believe Muffin used vintage fabric for this one. It’s quite nice on Mr Head (need to change that name seriously soon). The colors work so nicely with his coloring and face up (not that you can tell by the photo). Oh, and one more detail that you can barely see but was worth mentioning: on the ring finger of his right hand he is wearing a delicate silver ring made by Kaysha Siemens (if you’ve been to a few cons I’ve worked you’ve seen her illustrations on display in the AA). The Mr and I finally got around to photographing some of her rings this last evening so I’ll be making a post about them very soon. They are some of the most delicate and to scale pieces that I’ve ever put on my boys. They are amazing and so happy to show them off.

All this blogging! I hope my most recent spamage hasn’t shocked anyone.

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