(like my grainy artsy fartsy photo?)
This is projects I’ve been wanting to do for sometime. I have a small collection of Japanese style tea cups that I’ve gathered over several years. They were either bought by myself or given to me from family and friends. I wanted a scaled down version for my own little crew. Most of them are Japanese so why would they not have a small collection of their own.

These are seriously roughed out version at the moment. I’m using LaDoll’s Premier which I’m not quite used to using. I’m usually sculpt with sculpy but I could not get it to work for this project. The idea is to finish these and then make a mold with some left over oomoo I have stored away. Then I’ll be casting these guys. That way each of my boys can have a personalized tea cup (or cups) for themselves. It will be a fun little prop I think…

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