So I got images of Mr Head the other day and I’m just too happy!! If you are wondering gabriel (doa) of lightlybattered modded this lovely boy for me. What a beautiful job she did! This is my first time ever sending a head out to be modded or even given a face up. Up until now if any of my boys needed painting I had done the job myself. But in this particular situation I wanted to have his eyes closed. This would entail the use of epoxy and airbrushing to blend. Two things that I had either never done or don’t trust myself to do. Miss Seijikat had recommended Jamie after having Natsuki’s face up done by her last year (talk about gorgeous). The mods themselves are so smooth and clean and the face up is amazing. So happy with the beautiful work Jamie had done and I can’t wait to get the head to put the rest of him together.

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Still trying to decide on an eye color. I think I had mentioned to Jamie that I was thinking of using gray eyes and which maybe why she used them in her sample photos. I may go with a darker pair of eyes. I had stayed up way too late last night talking to Seijikat and shopping for eyes (totally forgot about day light savings as well). Spotted a pair of Silver’s gray/purple pair in the MP that would look lovely. Going to need to think about whether or not I want to invest in the pair. They are perfect and I am putting a lot into this guy (money and time). Should I go all the way? I already have a wig and even a back up one just in case. Anyway, so excited. ksdfhakshra!!!

In other news, Idoll was today (last night in Japan time). A small number of you may know that I follow Kaba’s blog pretty much daily (even when she’s not preparing for conventions or blogging on a daily basis I still check). She is pretty much one of the few doll clothing designers high up on my worship list and has been for several years (oh and did I mention that her Ian is what I would consider my only grail doll. A heavily modded School A, meaning the grail doll that I will never own;_; Oh well, life goes on). OMG, the gorgeous stuff she has been producing these past few month!!! Linking backbecause I can-and-you need to see!!!! Those jump suits!!! And that lovely delicate once piece outfit!!! Don’t know who would wear them but I want them all!!! Lots of “!!!”, people. Just felt the need to put that out there this afternoon.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday.

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