love that face

i just love this face *pinch cheek*. tonight i got around to putting a short, doa friendly version, of hito’s bio up. way too much thought was put into it and there will be a longer version up sometime soon on the site. this is what happens now that i don’t have cable… or tv for that matter.

oh and about that crafty bit

the making of

the mister and i decided to stop by the bead shop today to see what little inspiring things we could find. while walking around i spotted a large display of fake suede in all kind of lovely colors on the wall. i just remembered then that i needed a belt for hito’s new pants. the poor things just slip off when you pick him up. that mudoll body is just to skinny.
anyway, back to where i was getting at. i picked up a few colors of suede and several other trinkets i didn’t know that i needed. i went home and proceeded to make a belt.
not finding tiny “d” rings i made my own with some jewelry wire i had on hand. i then took two pieces of the suede folded them in half. placed the “d” ring together on the fold and just braided away. i went on for about 12 inches. i folded the ends and hand stitched them secure. i added a little glue to the hidden ends for a little added security (though i don’t think i used the right glue, my first suggestion would be fabric glue).

i sadly didn’t get a photo of the belt laying flat but here it is in action. i have several pieces left so i’m going to fool around with the idea a little more.
braided belt

lime green, goodness this boy really is a fashion victim;P

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