Just a few instagram photos of a few new fellows. Say “hello” to Myint.

So I took the plunge last month and placed an order with Studio Uoo. I had been wanting a Wanda and fortune Frog for sometime (thanks to the Blythe community which is where I first heard about them). BIC was no longer around so I wasn’t sure where I could get one with out having to put a WTB post out there in various Blythe/doll forums. After months of casual searching I discovered that Studio Uoo, the company that makes them finally opened an international shop. My first order was a Wanda Frog and a tiny Fortune frog named Myint Pino(not a typo btw). Myint is the little guy above. Of course Myint needed pants as soon as I got him out of the package.

Cool packaging

Not soon after Katsu had ended I made a little group order to get a few more, this time getting Greig Marsh and another Fortune Frog named Hugo Noe (I so love the names)

Here is Hugo and Myint meeting for the first time

They are getting a long quite well but Hugo is a bit embarrasses by the state of his undress. Myint says not to fret. Clothes will be coming shortly.

Edit: I failed to mention that I got to see photos of a certain modded Mr Head this afternoon. He’s the School A I got at Dolpa that I had sent out to get his eyes closed and face up done. Despite having a few names lined up for him, Miss Seijikat and I have been calling him Mr Head until he’s finished. Anyway, photos were seen and squee’s were made. Beautiful job so far. I can not wait to see him painted up. I may post him once I get final photos and the okay from the artist.

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