I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, these guys just crack me up. I love how they photograph. The mr does an amazing job at capturing them.
Edit* Yoshi is wearing an olive t made by Mon from Dorset clothing. It goes so well with his knitted shorts and is just as soft<3
So I did another update… a bit late but unlike my other promises it’s still within a few days. For some reason it takes me forever to list a new item. This is my last full day to work on Merry mart stuff and I’ve spent the entire morning updating the shop. I still have Msds to do today before I can get back to work.

I’m really happy with these little guys. The fit is really good and the added short rows prevent “dolly crack” when they are sitting down (a common problem with doll pants and such). As soon as the MM is over I’m going to be working on another style short that is a bit less fitted around the thigh. That way they can be worn over leggings. I also want to perfect my pants pattern as well as work on a cropped style (something that can be worn under a yukata in the winter time… an important thing to have for that time of year… still watching those post-war Japan movies). Fine knits are going to be my main focus for the next several months as well as creating seasonal “lines” for my items. Lot of thinking was done while working on this last show for the year. I’ll be talking about that later… maybe.

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