I don’t think I mentioned it here (maybe g+… if so sorry for those who are hearing about it again). While we was at NYCC Jennifer and I stopped at the Soom booth to see what they had. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular (and they were not taking credit… strange right?) I did spot a pair of limited eyes that I thought would be perfect for my little blind boy Haru. The photo above is the best one we’ve managed to get with him wearing them (if you press your face up to your screen and squint your eyes really good I swear you can see them). You can see them better in person. Like Tsuyoshi I went with size 12mm (I always like the smaller irises on all of my boys) and the irises are a sparkley (sp?) charcoal and the pupils are white. They are really pretty. I surprised by how much I love them. These are not the type of eyes I would get for my boys.

By the way, Jennifer is so right. Haru does look like he cuts his own hair at times (hahaha)

Next is shop talk…. blah blah blah, spam spam spam… ignore if it doesn’t interest you

If you’re seeing this from my actual blog, you’ll see to your right (and up a little) that my little side bar etsy widget is getting lot of action this evening. It’s because I actually updated my shop. Crazy right!!! This is just a small portion of what needs to go up. This weeks it’s all about the Yo’s. You’ll see that I finally have my stripe sweaters shown. It took me a while to get this pattern down. I think they fit better than the solids. I might have to re-tweak that pattern soon. Anyway, the schedule is Msd next week and SD the following week.

Right now I’m running on a few hours of sleep. It took me all night to get the shop updated. Time for bed. Nighty night.

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