Posting from my phone since the inter webs is being a pain. It seems that Verizon isn’t working in some parts of Baltimore City. Federal Hill happens to be one of them… its been out since last night (having some serious tumbr withdraw grrrr….). The phone has a crap spell check so I’m so sorry for the horrid spelling mistakes that are about to follow.

Back from neko. Had a wonderful time. Saw old friends and met new ones. Dizzy set us up next to Kelsey of EatToast (links will follow once the interwebs are working) which totally made the con a million times more fun. That meant that we not only had crazy times on the way up and back but also the entire time we were in the alley.

There was a fantastic tea party again this year. So many beautiful dolls and collectors. As for aa, there were some amazing artist. I went home with some fanastic pieces. Some of which were from trades and purchases (again links and photos to come because you really need to check these artist out). I also got to meet a wonderful collector who is a huge T&B fan who actually commissioned a sweater from me a while ago… I’ve only met a very small handful of my past customers (I was seriously excited to find this out and it was all by accident. Small world right?)

For now that is all I can say until the internet is back (this post is a lot longer than expected). I have to get stuff ready for the Merry Mart. This show is one of the few that I make human size knits and pieces for. Expect a huge update on etsy and some updates to the site (including a static page with commission info) Also, as of today sweater commissions are open. I managed to knit 2 dozen sweaters for Neko… you would think that I would be sick of sweaters right now… but that is seriously not the case. If there is one thing I concider comfort knitting it would be the sweaters. Your commissions are my stress relief so I give you all a big Thank You!

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