I seriously love this boy and love this sculpt (he needs to be shown off more). Before getting Seiji I swore I wanted Schultz twins… not sure if Seiji (or Aki for that matter) would be willing to make room for another but I would seriously like at least one more of these cute boys either for my current group or for the other I’m planning out now. By the way, Seiji is modeling one of the new kilt pins I’ll have at Neko con in two weekends. Here is a shot of the two types I’ll have on hand:

Silver wings with glass flower beads in an opaque olive on silver and a transparent smoke on gunmetal w/silver chain. Both will be limited. I have more of these kilt pins so I plan on messing around with other charms and such so look for variations in the future.

So much has been going on. I want to save some of it for the semi daily blog (whatever you call it). Plus I’m a bit wiped this evening. Even though it’s my Bday and despite the plan we had to go out for dinner I decided to stay home, put on comfy cloths and watch some more Katekyo, Hitman Reborn! while eating tacos from our favorite Mexican carry out (a good low key evening if you ask me). We’re saving dinner for this friday when we’ll both be able to enjoy it a little bit better.

On that note, I’m giving myself a daily project that I’ve been planning for sometime. I want to start sketching and drawing again so the past few months I’ve bought a few supplies to keep me motivated (JetPens is an awesome place I tell ya!). I even got some new nibs and nib holders to get back into inking… the old school way. Hopefully some of this will inspire some silk screening as well. Will I be sharing these daily gems?… not sure yet. Drawing and sketching was always personal thing for me so if I do it won’t be right away (and most likely not here).

Anyway, at this moment fingers and brain are not working together and on their own are not even making sense so off to bed I go.

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