Messing around with hyperbolic crocheting and lace weight yarns. This is what I came up with. Little rosette (or coral) brooches for the little guys. More photos behind the cut if you want to see them being worn.

Little Haru taking a nap with his.

And Hito getting into the act as well… what lazy boys.

Starting the next couple of weeks I’m going to listing previews of what I’m going to have at Neko this year. I’ll post a link to the Flickr page once I get everything organized. These little guys will be the first to be listed (the colors shown are what I’ll have available… unless I pick up a few more or decide to make some out of the black and plum yarn I have as well… the dark one above in a navy or midnight color and took forever to make since I could not see the stitches).

Ugh… I think the flooring I made is a bit too small. I may use this one for table displays for the little guys at conventions while I make a much larger one to stay here for photos… oh poo D:<

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