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Oh my god, How adorable is that widdle face!? I spotted this guy on DOA (They were not sure if he was on topic or not). Normally I don’t usually check out Yo’s other than Volks Yo’s (not a snob , I swear. I was never into the size until recently. I have my two little cuties and I thought I was all set… until now)but I seriously love his face. Only problem he is really a she. She is a Mia’s baby doll Aga. Normally for the bigger boys this would bother me but I’m thinking for the little guys, not so much. Her body is so far from being anatomically correct that anything can go with this little one… so to me she is a he and I will refer to her as such:p I’m no where near able to get him at the moment but he will be going on the wish list. Maybe there will be another oni running around and causing a ruckus with the other two:3

More crap behind the cut… lot of ramblings

Fall behind on Nekocon knitting. So tired when I come home from work at night that I just want to zone out… or work on my own projects. My time in the paint booth this week has been such:
Tues- 7 hours
Wed- 6.5 hours
Thur- 7 hours
Fri- 7 hours
This means I’ve been pretty much standing for that time with a spray gun in one hand and a tap handle in another… next week isn’t going to change much. My sleep is going to need to change in so that I get more of it (at least I’m finally eating breakfast in the morning… If I could just stop falling asleep while stand up in the booth… complain, complain, complain, blah and blah. I still love my job:3)

I want to screen print this weekend. I have three new ideas that I want to get finished for neko. One will be a new style shirt all together and the other two I think will be “fan art” t’s for the sd and chibi. One was inspired by the fact that I want to send a mangaka and doll collector a “thank you” for his awesome work. The title is a bit unknown and it really is not suited for everyone so I don’t know how well it will do. Like the VAMP t’s I will be making a small run and then the screen will be wiped clean for another design. By the way, how does one send fanart to an artist in Japan? Would I go through their US distibuter, in this case Vertical, or would I contact the one in Japan? Going to do research (he has a new book coming out over here later in Oct. I was really hoping he was going to do some kind of book signing at NY comic con ;_;. Would have made my life a bit easier).

Chibi Kaneda… So cute!!
So speaking of which, I don’t think I could be more in love with Furuya Usamaru’s art than I am right now. I’m reading Bokura no Hikari Club and Innocents Shonen Juujigun (though this one is seriously scarce, He’s ending it next month and because it’s a religious topic… Crusades and all, I really don’t see any one picking it up anytime soon). This weekend I’m going to preorder No Longer Human and I’m going to pick up Genkaku Picasso (maybe all three). I seriously love his style and his insane sense of humor and way of story telling. It’s so strange… and I love the strange.

New boy is only a thought at the moment. I’ve been wanting to do a another collection of dolls based around post war Japan. He is going to be the first in the small collection I have planned. Details were a bit fuzzy until I spotted and fell in love with particular drawling on either tumblr or piciv… can’t remember. It’s not really work safe for me show off here (why mention it damn it) but now I have a direction. He is going to need a lot of work and props will be needed (mainly building a room and such). Watched a lot of early Kurosawa (Stray Dogs, Scandal) and Yasujirō Ozu (Soshun and Kohayagawa-ke no aki… later than post war but the setting in this one is gorgeous<3). It will be a long but fun project. This is such a seriously long post and a bit all over the place. The Mr is going to say “you know you could have broken that up” but if I do that I might not post at all. I’m such a horrible blogger…

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