So to distract myself from the disaster that was episode 24 of T&B (yeah you may have seen my post on the other blog) I’m trying to keep myself busy. Working on Nekocon merch as well as some personal doll projects. One of the projects I’m working on currently is with another lovely collector and artist. Not going to spill the beans just yet (soon though… once everything gets rolling). I’m trying to put a list of tutorials together but I’m not sure how far back I should begin. So here’s what I want to know:

Knowing the doll related projects I’ve worked on in the past what would you like to learn? As for knitting, do you want to start from beginning (what types of cast ons, stitches, knitting in the rounds techniques that I do) or do you want to see me jump ahead with specific patterns (mohair sweaters not included… sorry folks), pattern alterations, micro knitting, ect? Are there wood based projects (wood turning, construction) or casting projects you’d like to see (though despite the fact that I’ve been casting professionally for 10+ years. It’s all self taught and primitive. I can direct you to links or I can just show my approach)? Are their things that I’ve never posted or never claimed doing that you would like to see. I have a huge list of things I would like to attempt and I’m always willing to give something a go. If it’s something you want to see done in doll scale I’ll see what’s involved and give it a try. If it works out, great. If not at least you’ll see what not to do:p I will totally be your guinea pig. Please give me your feedback. I would love to hear from as many people that see this.

Just a quick note, I’m talking about free tutorial, by the way. It’s all in fun and to share:3

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