My new tiny care cards came in today and I love them. The Mr outdid himself this time. The font and arrangement of everything is perfect. These will be given out with the tiny items(puki and YO-sized). On the back there is my info as well as how to care for your woolen and mohair goodiesX3. I still have so much to do but I have been on a knitting roll this weekend (commission on top of merch for Otakon). At work I’m making a new batch of hangers.

As for today, it was one of those days


= me at the shop today… okay, tiny exaggeration… maybe somewhat of an exaggeration (If I’m really honest, I just wanted to find an excuse to use this gif:P… Hey, it made me laugh when I saw it)
But seriously, I’m not enjoying the summer and even though for short time I had myself thinking that sleep is totally overrated and humans were meant to live off of coffee alone, I now know that I’m wrong and that it’s totally done a number on my mood and thought process. I was such a klutz today and managed to dump a huge glob of screen printing ink all over my work shirt (this was after testing the screen for the eighth time because the screen kept slipping off the hinges….grrrr). The rest of the time was spent in the paint booth (no ac in the shop by the way) and in front of sanding machines (paint dust+sweat= gross D:<)… have I whined enough yet? After receiving new cards and a new anatomy book(for sculpting) I’m feeling a little bit better. Now I just need to catch up on sleep.

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