Haru talks to Tsuyoshi about his new find from the garden, while Tsuyoshi closely listens(though the first photo makes it look as though Haru is goosing Yoshi while Yoshi tries to stop him… that would be very out of character of Haru if you asked me but it still makes me chuckle). Tsuyoshi is amazed that Haru can find such tiny little shells. He, himself has a very hard time even being able to see but Haru says that he has his ways. Plus he has several friends willing to help. He is going to pack this little shell up for a friend.

The little guys are all wrapped up in various knits I made just for them. Photos were taken this weekend by the Mr for new tiny sized care instruction card I’m having made to send out with all of the tiny sweaters I sell for commissions and cons. This is the first time seeing Haru in one of the sweaters. He looks terribly cute in the white one so that he is keeping that sweater for sure. The pants were made for fun. I had originally tried to make the Elizabeth Zimmermann February baby leggings for them since the sweater had turned out so well scaled down. No matter what I did I could not get the pattern to work at the Yo-scale so I had to start from scratch. I’m really happy with the results. Haru is wearing the first pair I had made. I learned a lot from these and made a few adjustments before working on Tsuyoshi’s pair. The great thing about them is the fact they don’t expose doll crack when they sit (this is thanks to some strategic short row workings… who said they were afraid of shorts rows?… me?… couldn’t have been). I worked them in a shorts version as well and I’ll be selling these at Otakon next month(these are so silly and cute). As for the pants I think I may add these to the commissions thread after the con. They are odd but are a lot of fun to make and you never know who will want a pair.

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