A photo taken by the Mr early Saturday. I think this is going to be my new wall paper for a little bit. I’ve been using the photo from this post since last year. Though it doesn’t feel right not having Hito’s pretty mug flashing across my computer. Anyway… we’ll give the new one a try for now.

The little guys hanging out in the back yard(so cute)… while I’m hacking my lungs out in the house(…not so cute). I was sick as a dog last week and still had to go into work. Blah… I still have an obnoxious cough but I’m still taking the train up to Philly tomorrow with my mom. I’m on the look out for Otakon supplies. Hoping to get some new mohair and wool lace. … as well as some soft pretzels from Reading Terminal Market. Amubleu.com is still up in the air at the moment. It’s there but I’m trying to not post so that it doesn’t inconvenience the Mr. He has to go back and back up the new posts… A bit of a pain for him. Hopefully everything will be back to normal later this week. So much to post about.

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