drayton2 #3

i’m not obsessed with this sculpt… not one bit;_;.
this is the third drayton in my collection. the mr wanted to try his hand out for the photo contest so he asked me to paint him up. he was asking for an assassin, katie suggested something very kuroshitsuji and i was thinking something the complete opposite of hito. mixed them all together and this is what i got. though if i aimed a little more towards the first two suggestions i think i would have laid off the lips a little. unfortunately i couldn’t help myself. lips are a weakness when painting heads. i save them for the very last and can spend as much time on them as i do on brows. draytons are no exception. these boys are all lips and i think they are the loveliest ever sculpted.
i used a lot of cool colors this time around. the recent trend for me have been warm colors though. lots of cool pinks, browns and plums. i also gave him smokey eyes… or at least as smokey as i can get (not saying much). he still needs lashes. i have some but not as dark and long as i want for him.

he has no name as of yet and i really can’t tell you much about him. he a total mystery for now but doesn’t seem to want to give up any info so it may take awhile.

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