Someone got their hair cut recently

Tsuyoshi: Hey Haru-kun
Haru: Yes Tsuyoshi-san?

Tsuyoshi: I really like your new hair cut.
Haru: Do you really? Thank you so much!

Yes it’s a Crobi wig and no I didn’t have to do a single thing to it… unlike the other two I’ve purchased from them. It’s a really nice wig. It’s very soft and very fine. I originally wanted a darker color but it was out of stock. I was encouraged to go lighter and I’m so happy I did. I really can not see a more perfect wig for this little guy. It goes so well with his gentle personality. The Mr even commented on it when he came home from work last night. It’s amazing what a little wig change can do. I adore little Haru<3 Oh.... Amu scored herself a set of H-04 jointed hand this evening. If you thought for a second that this was the last time you would see these chibis doing silly things, think again, mwahahaha... The first photo was from my phone and the last three are from the Mr.

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