Seiji: Owwww… Beau-kun. That really hurt!
Captain: …. so sorry…

And the story continues…

Tsuyoshi: Look what you’ve done. You broken the katamari Captain! It’s ruined!! What do I tell Hallow?!! He’s going to be so mad at me.

Seiji: I don’t know about that Yoshi-kun. Look there is something pink showing on the side of the katamari
Tsuyoshi: Oh no! is it bleeding? Should I get a bandage?
Seiji: No, I don’t think so. Why don’t you pull away some of the paper and investigate.

A few minutes and a bit of a mess later…

Tsuyoshi: You’re right Seiji-san. Look, these are pink and gummy. They look good. I’ll save these for later.
Seiji: I don’t think you’re suppose to eat those(gummy bracelets). You can give them to Mizuko. He’ll love those. See what else you can find.

Tsuyoshi: The paper turned purple O.O….Jelly Bellys!! I can eat those right?
Seiji: Yes, you can. Is there anything else?

Tsuyoshi: Let me move this paper out of the way. WowO.O… so much candy

Seiji: You’re making a bit of a mess Yoshi-kun… Aki will get very upset when he sees this.

and the unwrapping went on…

and on…


Tsuyoshi: I found a Gundam model(he did too… and it was doll sized>.<). I think I hit the end. Pull me out Sei-san!

Tsuyoshi: That was a lot of work. Look at all this cool stuff. Hallow is a great guy. I’ll share the jelly beans with you since you helped out Seiji-san.
Seiji: (looks at all the candy and goodies) um… thanks. I think.
Captain: … I’m going to take these…

Aerial view

Seiji: Yoshi-kun, You know that Hito isn’t going to let you eat all of this candy by yourself.
Tsuyoshi: Why not? *thinks*…Can you help me find a place to hide it all

It took us an entire hour to unroll and photograph everything. I just wish we got more photos of the goodies because there was a lot. Thank you Miss Seijikat and Mr Hallow!!

By the way, I forgot to mention that if you hadn’t guessed already, the Mr took the photographs for this little story. I failed to mention it in the first post… which I’m about to correct right now….

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