Everyone has been waiting for this. Yoshi-kun has been practicing for weeks to roll the katamari ball that Hallow and Miss SeijiKat kindly put together for him. He couldn’t be more excited. When asked how big he planned to roll it, his serious reply was “seventy quadrillion-bajillian kilometers”… (he likes to dream big).

Before he starts his roll he wants to explain his plan of action:
His plan is simple, start small and work up. He’s going to start with Seiji’s insect collection (though he may have to go back later for the larger beetles). Aki’s record collection is next, followed by Tak’s action figures. After that he’s then going to raid Mizuko’s….

…wait a minute. What are you up to Captain?

Tsuyoshi: What are you doing Captain?!! It’s not your Katamari to roll!!!

Tsuyoshi: Come back here Captain!!!! Give me back my Katamari!!! Oh no, Piere! Be careful Higurashi-san! (Seiji’s pet cicada)

Captian: *chuckle*
Piere: Squeak!!!
Higurashi-san: Squeak!!!

Tsuyoshi: Watch out Captain!!!

Captain: Wha…?
Piere: @*&^^%$!!!!
Higurashi-San: @*&^^%$!!!!
Look what the Captain has done now. The Katamari came undone. Yoshi-kun isn’t going to be happy.

To be continued…

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