Wittle bit hands… so cute. Another lovely photo by the Mr. I really need to get those H-04 “hold hands” spare hands for these little guys (then you can watch amu turn into a big mushy pile of goo due to the cute overload).

Crazy tired the last few days. I almost fell asleep in the paint booth… standing… with the fan on (they are loud). I’ve been going to bed crazy early and it seems to be working but the payment is that I’m over due on emails(I’m so sorry).

I was also going to post a sneak peak to some silliness I plan on posting tomorrow. Again thanks to the Mr (for taking the photos… they have me rolling) and Miss Seijikat (for the prop… which also had me rolling but in another way). I decided to save it. When it comes to silliness you have to either show all or nothing (it doesn’t spoil that way)

Anyway… thinking of starting a blogger for the shop updates… so that I’m spamming away here. Any thoughts on it? How about twitter or tumbler? (no mention of FB please:P)

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