There is no doubt that the default outfit for the SWD White Rabbit is just too adorable. I will admit though, that the pants are bit over the top. Never ending frills with a gigantic bunny tail in the back. I never really thought Haru would ever use them since his style is leaning towards the Mori boy look (it does exists… I swear). I had mentioned this particular pair of pants to Mrs Seigikat in a recent LJ reply. She wanted to see them and so she shall….

Though, the model I had chosen was not the most willing

Haru was rather upset when asked to wear the frilly pants. Little gentlemen do not wear ruffled shorts.

Seeing how distraught his friend was after being asked to turn around so that we could witness the gigantic puffball (which he refused to do by the way… “how humiliating” he said) and just recently discovering of his new found love for cosplay, Tsuyoshi agreed to take Haru’s place.

After slipping on the pants Yoshi-kun said “Play Time!!!”

and play they did…

There was dancing and tails were shaken. Be careful Teddy! Don’t fall off! (it’s like a little bunny rodeo)

When all was said and done the little boys were beat. Yoshi asked Hito if it was time for his rice crackers and milk. After the boys had their treats they promptly took a nap.

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