Meet Haru. This little boy is a Volks SWD White Rabbit. I got him on the marketplace from a wonderful seller, Aussie grrrl (seriously, she was incredibly sweet). I just love him to pieces. He was one of the only things I was kicking myself for not getting last NY Dolpa. I’m not sure about the wig (it’s Yoshi’s default) but I love the color on him. I think I may go for another style. Anyway, he’s wearing a blouse that came from the white rabbit default set and Tsuyoshi’s shorts. The sweater was hand knitted just for him as soon as I found out he was going to staying with me. It’s actually a scaled down version of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s “Baby Sweater on Two Needles” or “December Baby Sweater”(ravelry). The stitch count is exact to the original pattern. I just used a finer wool (lace) and tiny needles (3/0). I’m quite happy with it.

The photo was taken by the Mr. He just surprises me all the time with his photos (though if you ask him, he’s still not entirely happy with this one… what does he know). I think photography is an under-appreciated skill and art. People tend to think it’s the camera and not the person behind it when in fact that is so not true. The subject is just a small part of it. The concept of understanding light and balance in photograph is a different monster entirely and is totally Latin to me but the Mr completely understands it. When it comes to knitting for other people I am amazed at how thoughtful and appreciative people are. When it comes to photography that is rarely the case. It’s a shame really… Well, there is my soapbox moment. Let me get down before I fall… Nighty night.

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