Not sure what is up with everyone today. Things started out great up until I got home from work and then news from all sources have been a bit a bummer. Some personal, some not. I think people’s responses towards them have been strong and super negative. Not helping my mood much. I tend to be a glass half full type of person… so what gives people. Maybe it’s the horrible weather we’ve been getting this week. I know it’s gotten to me. Thinking of things to swing my mood around.

Besides the Mr and the pug (one was out playing the DnD this evening and other was a sleep under the kotatsu… can you guess which was doing what?) the two things that seem to get me out of a bad mood are Hito and a little New Order. You wouldn’t know it but it’s rather fitting. Aki is my music boy but if there was one type of music Hito loves, it would be some late 70’s early 80’s New Wave. He’s such an odd boy<3 If you ever wanted to see him break into a sweat ask him what's his favorite New Order song. It's a decision he prefers not to make(I would feel the same)... until I twist his arm... which isn't hard since he's ball jointed and all. Anyway, here were his choices: New Order: Ceremony

New Order: Temptation

New Order: Perfect Kiss

This last is a mix of 80’s electric sounds… digital frogs people… how can that not be awesome? Anyway, I thought he chose well.

By the way, this may or may not work for my LJ friends… if that’s the case you’re going to have to travel over to ol’ poisonbleu to have a listen.

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