Someone was very unhappy with me this afternoon…
(picture heavy!)

You see, Miss Seijikat and Mr Hallow had mailed Tsuyoshi a package this week. The theme was katamari and Yoshi was hoping to have the proper head gear before opening it (You can see the pretty… and heavy katamari to the left of Yoshi) . Well, things got a little crazy this week and I was a bit slow getting it finished. I have a feeling that Hallow knew that this would happen and had a little extra package thrown in there as back up.

amu: Tsuyoshi, here is a little something to tied you over
Tsuyoshi: O_O!

Tsuyoshi: “To Yoshi, From Hallow” That’s me!
amu: Open it up

The Captain: That’s a pretty big package you have there. You’re going to need some help from us big guys
Piere: squeeK!

Tsuyoshi: It’s usagi-chan!!!… oh, he’s soft<3 Prince: Lets clear the wrappings away so you can play. Teddy: and I'll just dance.
Tsuyoshi: We will have a lot of fun with the teddies and Piere. Do you think he’ll like senbei? (rice crackers and Yoshi’s favorite treat)
amu: I don’t know. You will have to ask him.

in the meantime…

Prince: Woot! I know what to do with this… and the first to roll up is that lazy Teddy
Teddy: I’m dancing… wait…. What?! O_o;

Tsuyoshi: Thank you so much Hallow-kun and Miss Seijikat. I love usagi-chan. He so soft (he really is too)… Let go find us a snack…

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