I’ve had a draining week so sadly not much doll news. I still figured that I would up date.

My sister Cait is now safely in Colorado. I was feeling a bit better about her move until she left a mushy message for me while she was at the air port. So, this evening to the Mr and I stuff our faces with Chipotle and I made the mistake of doing a little bit of “window shopping” in the tiny section in the market place on DOA. I spotted a certain sleepy bunny I regret not getting earlier last year. I’m not sure if I’m going to go for it or not but he is terrible adorable and very tempting. It would break my “no new dolls for the first half of 2011″ rule…. but really, who was I kidding.

I think I’m going to attempt some doll clean up and painting this weekend. Seiji (msd Schultz) has been looking his cutest since we got back from Katsucon so I think this weekend I’m going to clean up his seams and finally blush him. It just irks me that he has this adorable little face up (I have no clue how I managed it but it took two tries) but a pale unblushed body. Especially his hands. It may take all weekend but will be so worth it when everything is done. Then the next one on the clean up list will be Hito. The poor boys needs a new body blushing and everything. I’m still fearful of having to redo his face up though.

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