The hotel we were staying at had a cute little stream. Late sunday night coming back from dinner I decided to let Tsuyoshi play near the stream. His overalls are a big baggy since he has a new little friend tucked inside of them. This year at the convention a few of my boys actually received gifts. You have no idea how incredibly touched I was to get them. Once I get settled in this week I’ll get my two little boys together to show off their gifts because they need to be seen.

When we got back this morning I was so sleepy but had so much to do. We picked up Chan from my parents and ran errands so we could actually eat this week and not depend on Hill Top next door(carry out). After we finally settled in I picked one of my personal knitting projects back up but wound up crashing in the process. I slept for almost two hours. I’m still sleepy but as you can see I’m up.

Just to let you know I did make a few post this weekend while I was at the convention. Silly me posted them in the wrong blog… grrr. They were posted on the daily blog. If you want to check them out you can go here here and here. They aren’t huge posts but you can still see what I was up to… sort of. Going to bed now…

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