an eye opener

i did my first official full eye mod. did a pretty good job too. i must admit that i was a bit too chicken to use the good head i purchased from ms doll. i used her gift practice head instead. there are some subtle differences between the two that i didn’t see until i started painting but either way i love the end results.
his eyes are so small. they are almost as small as my migidoll ryu’s eyes and he wears 12mm. i didn’t want to go beyond the size of the sleepy head but at the same time i really hoping that hito can wear the uk glass eyes i ordered for him. they are size 14mm and a lovely shade of olive. we’ll see. the small sized eyes give him that sleepy look that i wanted to keep. now all he needs is a body.
here’s another pic with him wearing mizuko’s default blue 14mm.
wake up hito!
despite that fact that they are mizuko’s defaults i don’t care for these. the pupils disappears in most photos.

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