Another awesome photo from the Mr.

This evening I received my order from TTYA’s etsy store. It was just a small order (one item) and a cute one at that. I had been eying up these overalls for some time now. They are so well made and detailed. She has tiny tags and snaps all to scale with her logo on them. So CUTE!!! Yoshi-kun looks absolutely adorable in he new outfit and outrageously orange shoes (another recent purchase). Now I just have to make him some t-shirts.

If you look closely you’ll see that he has a couple of friends with him. Two tiny teddies that I made recently. He’s not parting with the little one in his pocket but the other he’s giving to a little friend he hasn’t had a chance to meet yet. The one he’s gifting has some lavender in his belly and smells so nice when it’s hugged. It’s to keep their sweaters smelling pretty and to keep them safe from those little guys that like to munch on wool. Tsuyoshi is just a considerate little guy.

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