I met up with Lauren at Matsuri for lunch today. They only keep the first floor open for lunch. It’s pretty tight down there so we just went to talk dolls and eat lunch. We kept the boys tucked away(**mental note**I really need a better single carrier doll bag instead of my homemade contraption). For lunch I got their Matsuri bento (grilled salmon, agedashi tofu, and sashimi) and Lauren got the Matsu bento (grilled salmon, gyoza and sushi). So good…. I love food so I always make a point of mentioning it when it’s particularly good and in all my years of going to Matsuri I have yet to have a bad meal thereXD. When we were finished we went over to Spoons around the corner for coffee and to finally get the boys out. I brought Aki and Tsuyoshi and I got to see Lauren’s SD sized Mo, Sakai (gorgeous). Surprisingly both places weren’t packed. We were able to get a whole section of couches at Spoons so we were pretty much left alone for as long as we stayed which was until they closed. I had a great time. The conversation was all dolls, current and future boys (it’s always about the boys) and projects. We tend to do a lot of brain storming when we get together so rarely is there a silent moment. I’m hoping to get together next weekend. Lauren wants to see a particular head on the MSDoll body. I happen to have both so we’ll see how it looks.

I’m at a dead end on katsu at the moment. Some of my current projects are not working out as I had hoped. So to clear my mind I’ve been knitting tiny teddies for the Chibi from a pattern I found on line. Pictures to come.

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