I love him, I love him, I love him a million times over. What a cutie. This evening not only did his “proper” wig come in from Crobidoll but also a package from Mrs Seijicat from a Tata order she had organized (thank you:D). So now I feel like I can properly take photos of him (sort of<.< The photo above stinks... for a reason). His clothes from Tata are adorable and fit so well. I got him a pair of shorts, some shoes (replacing the strings) and a yukata. The wig on the other hand… I feel that Crobi wigs and I are not meant to be together unless I do some tweaking. This is the second wig purchased from them and I wasn’t too thrilled when it came out of the box. I had to modify it as soon as I put it on him (which I feel shouldn’t be necessary) But I’m satisfied with it for now. Will it be his forever? Don’t know. I really wanted a short wefted mohair wig for him. Until I find the perfect one this will be his.

The sweater is the v-neck I posted the other night. As I said before, I’m so happy with the fit. I’m gong to take some photos of the other collar styles this week. I’ve been knitting away this weekend.

So, I messed up my ankle this evening running for the bus and it wasn’t because of the ice storm we got this morning. My heal shifted inside my winter Dr Martins and my foot just rolled… on to it’s side. You know, the one side that wasn’t meant to touch the ground. I managed to not only walk home from downtown but also to my parent’s house to *cough… pick up packages*cough (priorities need some adjustments). I had Dr Mom take a look at it and while at the house we couldn’t spot any swelling. But when I went to take my shower this evening the side of my foot just blew up. Mainly around my ankle bone. Now I’ve come to realize that physically I’m not the most delicate flower (though, emotionally I am… just kidding) but my god this sucker hurts. I have too much going on this week to call out and all of my jobs this week is pretty much me in the paint booth. Oh the fun I’ll have this week.

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