Seriously, how cute is that? After waking up this morning the Mr saw these out blocking and said “they are some tiny sweaters”. I have this fascination for all things tiny especially when I see the larger version all the time. So I couldn’t resist. I tend to make cozies for ever thing I own like new electronics or anything I feel that needs covering up. All of the boys get at least one of their own in sweater form(except Hito who owns an insane amount). I’m having so much fun making these little guys that after finishing my pattern I made one for three different collar styles. This one is a v-neck (though, it may be hard to tell from the photo).

I may have a selection of these at Katsu next month. I’m so happy with the fit. The neck line lays perfectly and the sleeves drape so nicely despite the change in the density of the fabric. The only issue I have is the fact that head removal is a must in this size (these guys are so bobbled headed). I don’t mind that and even prefer it over velcro and snaps in the back (D:personal pet peeve… like over sized buttons) but I know that not everyone is fond of this. As I said I may make a few and see how they go *shrugs. It’s kind of hard to stop knitting them.

I’ll have photos of Yoshi-kun wearing his soon once his wig and clothes get here. They are all on there way so I should have him all set next week. Tiny little sweater for a tiny little guy.

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