kotatsu time

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday. Mine was lovely… and lazy. It seems that the Captain is having the same kind of break. Though, I will say that it’s well deserved. He works so hard for most of the year and yet he gets so little thanks let alone a break. Where my big boys have been getting new clothes here and there (spoiled I tell ya) he hasn’t received a single piece of new clothing in almost two years. I figured this year I would make a couple of things to expand the oh-so-roomy wardrobe that the Captain currently has.

all knitted up

All space captains need a cable knitted mock turtle neck, right (didn’t Kirk have one?… he should have if he didn’t)? And on those cold winter days when they are out exploring there is nothing like a pair of woolies to keep their tiny little behinds warm. The Captain seriously needed an outfit to lounge around in when it cold. The kilt just wasn’t cutting it now.

The swatch for the sweater was first posted on the amubleu blog. Like the swatch, I knitted the sweater with 000us. The woolies were another story. I used some ultra thin habu merino wool (this stuff is like plied thread). Seeing that the size 000 needles I had on hand were not going to cut it, I turned to a set I had made from piano wire over the summer. They worked out perfectly. Surprisingly they were much easier on the hands than the 000s since they had a little bit of spring to them. The buttons are ridiculously too large for the flap in the back (serious pet peeve of mine). I’m going to see if I can get some 4mm or smaller. Volks now carries notions and I think the have the 4mm in stock. Despite the button problem both the Mr and the captain are happy… unless someone opens the flap in the back of the Captain’s pant. Then he just gets ticked off.

Now speaking of Volks… um, as a xmas gift the Mr gave me a little bit of holiday money to help me get a certain little guy that I’ve been wanting for sometime but stupidly missed out on. He’s actually on his way and if the weather permits he’s expected to come tomorrow. I’m so excited. So I have a little question, can anyone recommend a good place to get YOsd sized clothing that isn’t overly cute or frou frou? I know about TTYA (I have a few items favored already). But is there a place that anyone particularly likes? Would they happen to sell shoes without the 10cm platform attached to them? I’m pretty clueless at the moment. I didn’t expect to be getting him so soon.

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