Just making a quick doll post before going to bed. If you want to know the finer details of the con this year you may want to check out my amubleu blog posts through out this week.

This was what Aki was wearing for most of the con. All but the pants and the shoes were made my me and for the most part were finished before the con began. The belt still needs a bit of stitching and for those who want to know, the pants are Sadol jeans. The shirt was the only item on him that was for sale at this con. They were a new design for my table and was my first little experiment with bleach. I’m so happy with how they turned out (despite the fact that for a brief moment of bleaching them, I thought they were ruined… they took so long to sew;_;). They went over really well and I only have a couple left over from the con. I also got some fantastic feedback as well as suggestions on trying the same process on the knitted items I make. So I will be doing more with bleach in the future.

The left over shirts will be going up on etsy this week but I figured that I would throw it out to some of my friends that if you want one just leave me a message on lj. I only have two left. They are each $20 plus a few dollars for shipping (I can get an exact cost for you). ON HOLD

If you want to see details of the belt as well as the tail that Aki wore you can check everything out with the link below:


The tail isn’t attached to the belt. It has a lobster clasp that clips on to the belt loop on the back of his jeans. His tail got a bit of attention this weekend and made him even more “pet-able”. Hito wore a shorter version that he wore at his side (pictures to come). The garter style belt is made out of this amazing faux leather I found on etsy. It is so thin and really easy to work with. The entire thing was hand sewn with a beading needle. The clasp was a jewelry store find. I picked them up thinking I could use them for some kind of doll clothing or knit but they work great with the belt. Surprisingly I was able to get a few items finished for one of my boys before the con. Now I need to get Hito his cropped “old man” pants as well as a pair of geta for his tabi feet and poor sei-chan needs pants… any kind I can get to fit him. So once I get some free time soon I’ll try to knock those off the list.

By the way, as you can see Aki has a new wig. I wanted to get a fiber wig for the times he’d let his hair go natural (not the over processed look of the fur wig). This is exactly what I wanted for him. He’ll still use his fur wig from time to time but I think this one is a keeper and nom-able.

I only got a few doll related items from the con this year. The things I did get are just so lovely and were mostly from the incredible Muffin of Level Devil. I got two of her leather necklaces for Hito and Aki and a hand sewn vintage silk kimono for Aki. This kimono is so gorgeous and as soon as I get a chance I’m going to get both Hito and Aki in the yakata and kimono I got from her from both this year and last.

Okay, I said that this was going to be a short post… right. But before I go I leave you with something that I know is sure to give out lovely dreams this evening.

Not only was I graced with this lovely man and equally lovely owner’s presence (not once but several times during the convention) but I was also honored by the fact that he’s wearing one of my shirts. Yeah I titled this file as “hotness” because that is what he is. Aki was rather fond of him as well.

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