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The Mr and I have been feeling a little under the weather lately. I seemed to have brought home a cold only for the Mr to catch it a few days later. What a mess we are/were. It doesn’t seem to have stopped me too much other then me missing out on work a few days last week. I did manage to make a supply trip with my mom and sister to Philly on Wednesday and another trip to the Renn Fest yesterday with the Mr and his side of the family (pirate weekend=tons-of-fun).

On to Nekocon:
Just so that everyone knows, I will be at Nekocon this November. This time will I not only be in the artist alley but I some how managed to talk myself into hosting two panels there as well: Ball-Joint Doll: Mold making and casting basics (Friday 6pm-7pm) and Asian BJD: Maintenance 101(Sunday 11am-12pm). It should be interesting.

As always, I love to bite off more than I can chew(not). I’m trying my darnedest to start early this time around. The cold I’ve had has managed to stop me from working on the big projects for now but it has helped me to get quite a few of the small ones out. For shits-n-giggles I made some doll sized knotted friendship bracelets(see pic above). I haven’t made these since the late 80’s when I would make and sell them to classmates and neighborhood kids to fund my trips to the craft store (uh, to buy more thread to make more… bracelets. go figure). Since it’s been a while, long gone is all I learned to make the more complicated deigns. I pretty much had to reteach myself but this time make them in a smaller scale. Still, the time spent sitting at the kotatsu, watching One Piece (again) and making these guys has been fun. I’ll have a batch for the convention if anyone is interested.

Commissions are still on hiatus until later this week (I hope). I’m having a few problems restocking some of my regular colors and I have to take photos of the new ones.

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