…pardon my little PS frou frou’ing aka: pretending to know what I’m doing(not).

I’m still alive and well. Took a vacation of sorts (I really hate summer). Just to keep everyone up to date, I added two new boys to the group of boys (see above). Now there is nine (though reading the blog you would think I only had two to start off O_o). Dolpa was fantastic (I have photos I swear). Otakon was a blast but seriously wiped me out. I’m getting the hint that as I get older I need more sleep to function. In between it all were some fun meets.

Tomorrow Lauren and I are taking the train up to DC for a Teaism meet. I’m really looking forward to it and hoping that I don’t get us lost (The mr just gave me Metro directions so we should be okay, Lauren). Now it’s trying to decide who to bring. Since I’ll be traveling by train and then Metro I was just thinking of bring Sei-chan (Seiji: Schulze) since he’s small and compact… easy for travel. But… Hito has become my security blanket of sorts so he is a must and besides it’s a DC Doll Meet. I’m not taking the train all the way up to DC just to eat (though it is part of why I’m going. Teaism… nom nom nom). I have to bring more than just an msd… but there is Akihiro (School A). He is still the “newest” guy and for some odd reason Hito always seems to look a bit grumpier when the two are together. The differences between the two sculpts amuse me. I really like their contrast. So it’s now for me to decide to I save my sanity and shoulder by taking the little guy or save me from any guilt I’ll feel later and take all three. We’ll see.

I’ve been knitting some personal doll projects (msd sized sweater on 0000us needles and thinner handmade needs using piano wire… fun). Finishing a few Otakon commissions (yes, still on those). Sweaters commissions will begin this weekend. It’s my one year anniversary so I do have a few special things planned. For now I’m going to see what’s available on “Watch Instantly” and knit for a little. I hope to see several of you tomorrow!

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