I’ve been so obsessed with collars lately. This little etsy blog post threw fuel to the fire the other day and felt that one needed to be made (btw, does anyone read etsy blog post? I love them). I have several ideas running through my head right now, including a beastly little number that involves yarn that looks very much like fur when knitted and some ultra thin faux leather I ordered from Korea. Would my boys wear them? Most likely not, but honestly, do they even have a say? The one above was my first attempt. I liked the raw edges but I plan on using a tighter weave the next time around. This one is shedding like mad.

I’ve been busy working on a few commissions this week. I listed a few items on etsy last week in case anyone is interested. It’s a little experiment. I didn’t list international shipping just yet but feel free to ask me about it.

the rest if my week
I popped in Weiss Kreuz this weekend while I was knitting (the Mr was out gaming, while it was just me and the pug:3). It’s been forever since I’ve last seen it. It brings back good memories. I forgot about the crap animation it had at times. Very odd. Most of the time it was “meh”, other times it was horrid and a rare time of it looking lovely (Aya… or Ran’s back story towards the end of the first season. I’m not complaining but it’s seriously a different style altogether). Still fun to watch though.

I had a very weird David Lynch kind of moment friday going into work. While walking through the Santoni’s parking lot at 7:30am (it was pretty empty) a short old guy with thick glasses and a grungy old baseball cap comes out and says as I was walking by “have you seen Wink around?”. I didn’t think he was talking to me at first but when I looked at him I kind of recognized the guy. I told him that it’s been a few weeks since I last saw him (For those who don’t know but care, Wink is Charles Winkler a metal-smith and local artist who’s studio is in the back of the shop). He interrupts the end of my sentence with “They say that he was buried alive.”O.o…. How the hell do you respond to that? I then remember that I had just seen him walk into a local bar on my way home from tuesday evening and told him so… He didn’t seem convinced. I’m not sure how to get a hold of Wink but other are pretty sure he’s fine, but the whole encounter creeped me out.

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