human and his guardian kappa

“Hitomu and his little kappa guardian, Mizuko walking to the festival”
This photo was taken by the Mr

We had such a lovely time at the festival yesterday. Very early in the morning, the Mr, Katie (deityofdeath) and I met up with my sister Cait and her friend Andi at the train station and took a little ride up to DC for their annual Cherry Blossom Street Matsuri. This year I only took Hito and Mizu-poo but dressed them up in their best little festival yukata. Hito wore his leveldevil Yukata, made by Muffin and Mizuko wore a girls yukata that I purchased one year at Dollectable. Yes, he is wearing a girls yukata. I’m not explaining why just yet. I need to make him another that is better fitting and that needs to be a bit worn and aged looking. Once it’s made, then I’ll explain. I did make sure to have him wear a boy’s style obi which I plan on keeping.

More festival and doll meet talk:
The festival itself was fun. We got there around 10:30 or so. Very soon it became very packed. I did manage to find hominivorax and Yalissa through the crowd and pretty much hung out with them until it was time to walk to the meet (These girls are always a ton of fun to hang out with). I honestly did not eat a lot while at the festival, which is part of the reason I love going. Oh well. I did manage to snag a taiyaki but no takoyaki this year. The lines for it were insane. Out of desperation I got some sushi which was actually quite good and did it’s job of satisfying me through out the rest of the day.

When we got to the meeting spot for the doll gathering, there were a few people waiting but soon that count tripled within minutes. Some very lovely surprise visits to the meet included Kittymaru, Tarouchan and Muffin. Kittymaru had managed to sneak in as I was running off to meet up with someone who had lost their way, but as I was waiting I spotted Tarouchan, Muffin and friend walking their way through the crowd holding their lovely asian style parasols (a brilliant idea by them, by the way. I got a little too much sun on my face yesterday and a parasol would have been a perfect thing to have used). I haven’t seen these two since Nekocon. The meet was fun. So many lovely dolls and the conversations were great (mostly doll talk but honestly, there isn’t a better subject to discuss than dolls, if you ask me:3). As for pictures, my ability to be prepared was a total bust. I took a few pics on my crap-tacular cell phone and then managed to find some space on my camera’s memory to take some with that (I left my memory card at home… again). The mr got some great photos though. If I find my camera cord I may attempt to post some but I really fail at that. I still have to post photos of the last meet.

After the meet, we slowly walked our way through the festival crowd, to the metro, then to the train station where we hung out for a bit and grabbed some food before catching our train. I did manage to get some crunchy salmon skin roll and saba. At the train station, believe it or not, there is a fantastic little sushi bar that makes pretty good sushi and sashimi. We had a great ride home. Katie was punch drunk and I think we were as well so there was a lot of laughing at the silliest things… but isn’t that always the best kind of laughter. It’s that never ending kind.

I was so beat when I got home. I needed to send out few emails but my brain was mush. I talked to Cali (tarouchan) at the meet about getting a plushie made… I’m not saying of what just yet, but I’m so excited>.< So I need to get a few photos together for that. When I get a chance, I'll talk about Dolpa. Prereg started yesterday and the school heads were announced. Despite what I had originally planned and told Cali in a little discussion we had about it yesterday, I may be changing plans so we’ll see.

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