these guys are so delicate. i love how they turned out. they fit both my elfdoll and d612 hands. now i need to try them on a few other pairs of hands just to see who can and can’t wear them.
by the way, these are made of 100% lace weight merino wool. super soft and the drape on them is lovely.
tak, my elfdoll wu is wearing them in the photo. i love the classic style elfdoll hands. it’s hard to tell in the photo but they are the loveliest hands out there. sd-17s are a close second.

this is actually the second pair of these that i’ve made. mini rant behind the cut.
the first pair was knitted, hand washed and then blocked. when i took them off the blocking foam to weave in the ends i some how lost them. no really. this all happened monday. it’s now sunday and they are still no where to be found. ugh… it’s all because i thought it was brilliant idea to start on them right after getting out bed. i was not in the right frame of mind. was really sleepy. how careless, really? some how i imagine them sitting in a pocket folded with fresh laundry and instead of being sd sized they are now felted down to puki sized since i did use 100% merino lace. ugh…

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