Not much in the news of dolls. As you can see, still no doll meet photos. I even have a meet this weekend as well (I still need to buy train tickets… tomorrow most likely).

The hand (for those who do not know) is doing much better. I’ll save the gross details for the semi-daily, but even though the wounds managed to freak the Mr out they are healing fast (though they still gross me out to look at them now. I can still knit (slowly) and I finished spinning some gold/mustard colored yarn for a doll sweater I have planned. Though I still have issues writing, drawling, eating with a fork and spoon… but not chop sticks for some odd reason.

I was hoping to do a little painting before this weekend but I’m not sure now with the index finger. I want to give Hito his tattoos. After discovering this lovely website featuring an amazing tattoo artist Amanda Wachob a few months back, I’ve been totally inspired. Her modern pieces remind me of delicate watercolor paintings. This is something I will be keeping in mind for myself in the future. Maybe seek her out to get a piece done but for now I may attempt to paint something in a similar style on Hito. I think it would suiting for him.

On to a little shop news behind the cut:

Thanks to Tina (filovirus on DOA) I’ve finally perfected a Dollshe version of the Takumi sweater. So now it’s available on the commission page. Right now I have them priced the same as the sd-13 sized sweaters, even though they take a bit more yarn and time to make. Because I will not be able to photograph the finished item on a model or dress form I’m compromising with the price. I will be making a dress form soon so take advantage while you still can.

Here is Tina’s lovely Lassa wearing his very own sweater:

What did this boy not go through for me to get the sizing right… and how many times did I have to beg Tina to lug this behemoth of a boy to several meets. Thank you again Tina… and thank you Lassa.

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