Hitomu by Sekiraku

So, sometime last week Kristi (alanna214) posted, on one of her LJ posts, a portrait of two of her boys she recently had done. Both she and Emily (nightengale) had portraits done by a friend of theirs who goes by the name of sekiraku on deviant art and pencil-smudged on live journal. After checking her portfolio and poking and prodding Kristi for some more info, I contacted Eden about getting a portrait done for Hito. I figured why not.

Eden was incredibly sweet about the whole thing. It’s been ages since I last commission a piece from anyone so I gave her some photos, a little bit of info (or maybe too much, hahahaha) and told her to do whatever she wanted. I think she got Hito down perfectly. From the style of hair, to a stance I think he would totally carry if his body could pose that way. She also got his colors right. The boy is so monochromatic compared to the rest of my crew and to some of the other portraits she’s done, but that is totally him. He’s either wearing white, creams or colors so dark they are pretty much unrecognizable.

I’m quite happy with the portrait and I’m looking forward to getting a few more from her sometime soon while she’s still open for commissions. It’s wouldn’t be fair for the others to be left out (… but aren’t they always left out?). I highly recommend her. Her communication was fantastic and speedy (she was even traveling at the time). Her prices are very reasonable if you ask me and she was so fast getting the portrait done. It only took a few days at the most. Understandably, it would all depend on how much work and how many commission she has on her plate, so act fast if your thinking about it.

As for today, the weekend has been pretty rainy and miserable (I’d rather have snow). Hints of sping have disappeared and I’m feeling it. I think today is oging to be a lazy knitting day. Working on V-neck sample #2 and then the final Dollshi sweater. Pictures coming soon.

It’s seems like a hot cocoa type of afternoon, as well.

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