I’m feeling rather sentimental over this boy today. It was one year ago today that I was sitting at my kitchen table carving away while I was waiting for the cable guy to pick up our cable box, hahaha (one year of no tv, btw). When I read back I sounded so horrible. This head really was an experiment that I really did not intend to use as Hito’s regular head. Yes, “Hitomu”, or “the Drayton” as he was called for the longest time, was around for a while before this guy settled in as my favorite. I don’t know how it happened or why but I try not to question things that bring me happiness or help the creative juices flow. There isn’t a day that goes by that this little man doesn’t inspire some idea or project, be it for the dolls or myself. He reminds me of how much I love this hobby.

For his first year I finished the v-neck for him. It’s hard to tell but I made a slight change since the sneak peek. I frog the collar back and reknit the last row, knitting the two center stitches together to add a little shaping. It shortened the collar a little bit but the pattern allows me to adjust the depth with no problem at all. I’m making another sample for the commission page with some minor changes. I’m using a new color that I haven’t shown off yet called blood… very pretty.

More about the sweater here

The yarn I used for Hito’s sweater was Alchemy Haiku in fern. This was a birthday gift from my mother on our last trip to Philly. She had purchased it at Loop (seriously lovely store. Go if you ever get the chance… they even had some Habu). I warned her when she bought it that I was going to use it to make a sweater for the dolls. This yarn is soooooo soft. Even more so than the Kid mohair I usually use. It usually takes a good washing, blocking and shake in the end to get it this soft but this stuff just melt through my fingers as I was knitting. It’s even softer after washing (Like I need another reason to pet Hito on a regular basis). After a hard day of painting and using the cold paint gun all day, my hands were ever so grateful to touch this stuff. I may treat myself to another skein one day because the colors are just amazing. This particular skein is the same color as Hito’s eyes. Pictures do not do it justice. There are several shades going on in this thing and it’s noticeable through out the sweater.
(one quick rant about this yarn though… it was a pain to frog. Even more so than my Rowan. It spent several days in and out of the freezer just to get the fibers relaxed enough frog back two flippin’ rows. For experiments I think I’ll save my pricier yarns…hahaha)

So for the yarn geekery. I figured that as much as I let non-doll people that I’m nuts about dolls, I like to let doll people and non-knitters that I’m just as nuts about yarn.

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